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Design Displays for Expo:

USITT Conference Work

The United States Institute for Theatre Technology hosts an annual conference and stage expo where theatre professionals from around the country come together to learn about the latest technologies, and to share new methods and research across the discipline. Below are my contributions to several juried poster sessions and stage expo design showcases.

Design Displays for Expo:

She Kills Monsters

Anything Goes


Juried Poster Session Posters

Textbooks Across the Country

This is a summary of a poster presented at the 2017 USITT National Convention in St. Louis by Frani Geiger Rollins and Patrick Hamilton.

The research looked at textbooks used in theatre programs across the country in hopes of learning more about the books we use and the process we are asking our students to pay.

Data from 2017 USITT Education Commission Poster Session 

Complete Data Spreadsheet:

Complete spreadsheet of information from the research completed.

Texts and Scripts List:

 A list of all of the scripts and text books found from the research as well as notes on the most and least expensive books for each course.

Poster Session Handout:

The simplified list that was available at the USITT 2017 Education Commission Poster Session

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