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Construction Techniques

Construction Techniques is a new course offered at GC&SU that focuses on the basic tools and materials required for carpenters and technicians for theatre. Students learn about shop tools and safety, advanced carpentry skills, drafting,  furniture repair, and advanced prop construction techniques. Mid term and final projects are student driven: project design, construction, and completion is up to the individual.

Course Content
Edible Props Module

This video was made by the students after completing our 'unusual edible props' module. Included in this video is a no-mess coffee spill, edible kitty litter, edible soap, edible toothpaste, non-alchoholic iquor,  edible paint, and edible potting soil. The completion of an edible food prop was the assignment. This video was completely student-motivated and executed. We hope you enjoy watching as much as the students enjoyed creating this video!

Furniture Repair Module

In this module, we visited our furniture storage unit and pulled pieces of furniture that had been long neglected and in need of some serious repair. We discussed when to patch and when to repair, reupholstering, and paint treatments. The end result: several pieces destined for the dump are now often showcased on our stages!


Furniture Repair

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