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James and the Giant Peach: The Musical

The Peach Rolling Away

There were several 'theatrically difficult' requirements from this script. This video clip played behind the actors on the circular projection screen during the scene when the peach "flew through fences and fields, frightening farm animals..... crashed into one of the world's most famous factories".

Not so peachy...

For this design, the original concept's central visual element was a larger than life functioning iris. This area would not only serve as a projection surface, but it's opening and closing would be incorporated into the entering/ exiting/ moving about the peach. Unfortunately this element was not completed. The last minute solution was to cover the open center area with fabric.

Not So Peachy.jpg

James Light Plot

James Ground Plan

James Construction Notes

Directed by: Scot Mann
Costumes by: Shelley Kuhen
Props by: Colin Schumacher and Kim Gessner
Sound by: Noel Hullfish 
Technical Director: Todd Wilson
Photo Credits: Jessica Whitley

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