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Much Ado About Nothing

Barbed Wire Barricades

In our version of 'Much Ado About Nothing', we open on the battlefields during the Vietnam War. To accomplish this, I designed barbed wire barricades that would sit along the edge of the stage (downstage of the closed main curtain). With some awesome sound, and some 'blastin' lights, we created a 60 second battlefield to open the show.


Hero's Grave Marker

For our show, we had a musical movement number choreographed around Hero's 'gravesite' which required a tomb. to accomplish this, we built a tombstone-shaped box, then attached 3D printed lettering to create the engraved effect. A little paint, and voila!

Paperwork Sample

Guard House Drawing

Main House Drawing

Directed by: Karen Berman
Lighting by: Trey Barnett
Costumes by: Eric Griffis
Technical Director: Lucian Connolle
Props by: Kelsey Chapman
Sound by: Taylor Lancaster
Photo Credits: Mike King

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