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Theatrical Heritage

Theatrical Heritage is a Gen Ed course for non-majors. Similarly known as theatre appreciation, this class  explores theatre in the most general terms in order to familiarize students with the history and practices of theatre. The semester ends with a final project which requires groups to present an 8-10 minute show that incorporates performance, design, and publicity.

Course Content
Casting and Acting Module

During this portion of the class we discuss the life of, and expectations for actors (including the casting process). For this assignment (assignment 3), the students can choose between a written response or a project. 

Final Production Assignment

The final project for this class is the best part of the semester! The class is divided into groups with the task of producing an 8-10 minute scene. They are responsible not only for the final show, but for a final show binder including a program, publicity poster, individual assessments and more!


Casting and Acting

Final Production Assignment

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