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CAD Drafting (Vectorworks)

CAD Drafting (Vectorworks) is a new computer studio course offered at GC & SU that focuses on familiarizing students with Vectorworks software in relation to theatrical design. Students learn about basic 2D and 3D modeling for drafting ground plans and construction drawings, resources and libraries within the software, and the use of the Spotlight platform for light plots and generating paperwork in conjunction with the software LightWright.

Course Content
Group Project: "I'm a Dog"

This project was inspired by the TV show Wifred. This projects asks the class to work in groups to design, build, and share 3D objects in order to design the scenery for an imaginary show called "I'm a dOg, and Here's my Home". At the end of this project, the students learn the importance of communication though out the process as well as giving them the freedom to find and explore some tools and techniques we do not have the chance to cover during our class time. (I am always impressed with the detail included in the microphones)!
The first page of the document is the first page the students see: and explanation of the project. The second page includes the instruction sheet; the third, a ground plan provided 'by the venue'; and the last page is an optional organizational page for the groups.

End of the Year: "Summer Board"

On the last day of class, we go over alternative uses for Vectorworks that extend beyond the theatre. At the end of the class, I ask the students to create (in Vectorworks) and email me  their "summer wish" as a PDF that I then send back totem at the end of the summer. Here are a few examples of the "summer boards" created using Vectorworks.


I'm a Dog Project

Summer Board

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